Best Destinations That You Can Travel for Under $100

Thinking about your next travel location? Not decided the destination? Don’t worry! Quell your stress here. Find the best destinations that you can travel for under $100!

Planning a family vacation? Choosing the right destination can be a daunting task especially with endless options, limited budgets and the pressure to make lasting memories.  Put your stress aside and take a break to these happening destinations that can easily fit your interest and budget. Here are a few destinations that you can travel at the budget price:

1. Atlanta, ATL

Atlanta is a capital city of Georgia and full of attractions that will keep you entertained throughout the vacations. From Georgia Aquarium to world of coca-cola, Atlanta Botanical Garden to the happening theme parks, there are plenty of things that you can explore and experience Atlanta. Book a flight from JFK to ATL and save a great amount on your travel.

2. Tampa, TPA

Tampa is a city of bay deeply located in the heart of Florida and offering number of beaches and, theme parks, thrill rides, animal-viewing areas. In fact, the city is embracing the upscale restaurants, dinings, shopping, and vibrant culture. If you are all set to take a break in the most beautiful city of Florida, then book a direct flight from ORD to TPA and travel

3. Fort Lauderdale

When it comes to taking a summer break, there is nothing better than indulging yourself in the incredible beaches of the FLL. For a luxurious getaway, sandy shores and crowd-free vacations, it is best to plan a trip well in advance and travel to this place under the budget price. This place is embracing the best culture, shopping, museums, and art galleries. You can book a flight to FLL from anywhere across the US and travel in comfort.

4. New York City

The most gorgeous city in America that everyone admires to visit once in a life, now you can travel at the budget price. From the Statue of the Liberty, Times Square, luxurious dining, shopping, hotels to attractions, everything is just droppingly beautiful. You just need to keep your eyes and ears open to easily travel to this city at the budget price.

5. Washington DC

Plan a vacation in the capital city of America and get to know more about the founding fathers of the nation. The major attraction of this place, the white house(President house), museums, art galleries and much more will remain open throughout the year. So it hardly matters what time you choose to travel to Washington DC, every season of this place has something great to offer you.

Did You Know The Best Places to Explore in America?

When it comes to traveling, it is important to find the best destination that perfectly suits your travel interest. No matter whether you are looking for an adventurous trip or a romantic getaway, this blog has everything for you. Buy cheap airlines tickets to unlock the hidden beauty of these places.

Finding the best vacation spot is a tough task not only for the seasonal traveler but also for the regular traveler. Since America is a diverse and wide country and full of a variety of destination, it is quite difficult to narrow down the field.  From hundreds of chef-driven hotels, spectacular beaches, hiking trails, heart-stopping adventurous spots, to romantic getaways, America has everything for you. It’s every region has its own charm and beauty to blow you away.

So let’s take a deep look and unlock the best vacation spots in America:

Los Cabos, Mexico

The small colonial town of Cobo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo is one of the hottest destinations in Mexico. The extensive shimmering beaches, lazy lagoon, calming palm trees, white beach sand, hopping nightclubs, epic food scenes, beach facing resorts will definitely drive you crazy. If you are dreaming of a relaxing and refreshing break, Los Cabos is the ideal place to buy cheap airline tickets.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh, the Moroccan city is full of art and design. The cultural scene, vibrant sensory landscapes, a geometric building next to the Jardin Majorelle is simply beautiful. In addition, the lakeside resort surrounded by citrus orchards is the cherry on the cake.  Rest, well- regarded galleries and museums will surely steal your heart.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Looking for the family-friendly destination in the month of May or October? Buy flight tickets to Arizona to unlock the spellbound beauty of “Grand Canyon National Park”. It is America’s most famous geologic marvel that can be traveled at any time of the year. However, the traveler prefers to be there in the month of October. Since this national park is a million years old park, it is more famous for its layered bands of red rock. It offers you scratchy-dessert view that invites you again to this place. You can catch an amazing sunrise and sunset moment at this national park.


Houston, that earns the reputation as a most lively, diverse city with a strip of chef-driven restaurants offering you best city food. You can spend long hours exploring plenty of standalone spots. In addition, you can’t skip the places like Mala Sichuan, Pho Binh, Finn Hall, Lyric Market Hall and so on. In fact, your trip will remain uncompleted without visiting the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. The incredible beauty and happening art galleries are the real attraction of this place.

Toronto, Canada

Looking for an urban place to spend your vacations? Toronto is the perfect vibrant, urban, forward-thinking place that perfectly fits your travel interest. In addition, Toronto is the home to pop signers including Justin Bieber, Drake, and Ryan Gosling, so anyone can feel the popping culture of the city. Right from queen street’s historic hotel to Canadian culinary expertise to modest Canadian fashion, everything is just spellbound.

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